Does Anybody Really Hire Temporary Workers Remotely?

If this is a question you are asking yourself, you obviously haven’t heard about the Remote Revolution yet. Entrepreneurs and large and small businesses around the world are turning to remote offshore staff to fill positions with skilled virtual employees quicker and cheaper.

The Greatest Advantage of Hiring Remote Workers: Value for Money
Remote Staffing Providers help companies from a diverse range of industries and locations from around the globe maximize profitability and productivity by augmenting their workforces through remote staffing. They do this by sourcing highly qualified virtual staff, creating significant savings for businesses in terms of time, recruitment and staffing costs and infrastructure.

Here are just 5 advantages to hiring remote offshore staff: 

  1. Proactive Spirit. Remote workers are dedicated to you and will learn and adapt to your corporate culture, values and goals. In fact many companies who hire virtual employees end up extending their contracts or hiring them for new projects.   
  2. Value.  Remote Staffing Providers generate great value for money as they provide skilled remote workers for as little as half the cost of regular employees.
  3. Savings. Not only on the high costs of hiring locally based staff, but associated HR, recruitment, administration and government fees are eliminated.
  4. Speed. Remote Staffing Providers allow you to assemble whatever size team you require, comprising varying skill-sets and seniority levels as dictated by your project.
  5. Sourcing. Perhaps your project requires a skill that is hard to find? You may need to communicate in a particular foreign language, for example. A Remote Staffing Provider can source obscure skill-sets, fast. 

Here are a few examples of what people who have worked with offshore virtual staff have to say about their experiences:      

“I was facing recruitment and retention problems in my operations department in Singapore. I could never find the correct fit for the job and had to resort to part-timers and interns, which were cumbersome, to say the least. My Remote Staffing Provider came up with the perfect resolution to my problem by providing me with a team, that I hand-picked and interviewed myself, whilst they handled all the HR, Administration and IT requirements for my team there. The good thing about this arrangement is that I get to manage my own team, and not just deal with an account manager. My time spent managing my department has dropped tremendously as I have a very competent team. My savings on hiring remote staff are about 20%.”
Dinesh Charles, Head, Database Operations

“Before I hired remote staff, I had to manage support completely myself, as it was hard to find anyone with the right English skill-set at my current headquarters in Bangkok. It’s great that my Remote Staffing Provider takes care of all the recruitment, office, administrative and legal stuff for my staff in the Philippines so I can focus on building my business and increasing partnerships.”
Thomas Kjeldgaard, Founder & CEO

Don’t you think it’s time your business embraced the Remote Revolution?


Is Hiring a Temporary Remote Worker a Viable Option for My Business?

temporary remote workers

A very straightforward question, with a number of very simple answers. How about these for three of the best?

In one word: “Yes”

In two words: “Bolton Staffing”

In three words: “The Remote Revolution”

Three rather varied solutions, but all resulting in the same outcome:

Bolton Staffing’s remote offshore staff will provide you with the specific skill-sets and competencies your project requires while improving your productivity for less than half the cost.          

And that is the Remote Revolution in a nutshell.

Here are 5 Reasons Bolton Staffing Makes Hiring Remote Temporary Workers a Viable Option:

  • Bolton Saffing sources our remote workers from a global talent pool. This means we can fill the specific role you need, whether it be clerical, administrative, technical or managerial.
  • It doesn’t matter how many virtual staff you need. With Bolton Staffing you can build your project seat by seat, or start with a substantial team for a major project.
  • Bolton’s remote staff are dedicated to your project and work solely for you. Because they are employed full time and supervised by us, you avoid risky work-from-home scenarios.
  • Bolton Staffing only charges you for the hours you need your dedicated virtual employee(s) to work, and nothing more. A full-time contract usually comprises 160 work hours per month, but Bolton Staffing offers the flexibility to create long or short term contracts tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Bolton Staffing provides a turnkey solution that includes facilities, human resources, recruitment, payroll, and inclusive services for all your offshore team members.

The end result is cost savings for your company combined with improved productivity. Bolton Staffing takes the work out of recruiting for you, allowing you to focus on the daily operations of your business.