A Day In The Life Of A Virtual Assistant

Reblogged from: Tim Reading

My friend Todd White shares what his typical day is like while working as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines who makes sales calls for a client based in Australia.

The life of a virtual assistant can be a sort of drag for some for the working shift takes a lot of time to get used to. Usually  here in the Philippines, a virtual assistant is asleep during the day and is awake working at night and so on the next days until rest day has come. Usually the shift never changes unless of course you get transferred to another work schedule by your manager or client.

There are quite a few companies that offer the usual 9-5 working routine which is largely preferred by most agents as they get to enjoy the normal schedule without stressing their body clocks and most importantly, they get their usual rest days on the weekends.

Although a bit strenuous, living the life of a virtual assistant has its own rewards for the job opportunity is open to anyone who’s fluent in English and has reached a certain level of education such as college. Virtual assistant companies compose the large bulk of employers in the Philippines because Filipinos are highly skilled when it comes to communicating in the English language, using a PC and can easily adapt to the technologies employed by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.

A virtual assistant begins his shift by logging into his computer and wait for clients to call and assist them with their needs. This however depends on the type of account that he is handling as other call centre agents are assigned to call customers to introduce a new service, sell new products, ask for customer feedback or solve problems. Each of these processes is handled by agents who have undergone special training that’s tailor- made to the need of the customers. This is the daily task of an agent and the same goes for other companies engaged in the BPO industry whose services also includes Bookkeeping and SEO services. It’s all about quickly and effectively responding to the needs of customers and get their satisfaction.

Another routine of a virtual assistant would be meetings with superiors for the monitoring of daily performance and coming up with effective ways to better serve clients. In my company, we usually have meetings with our managers for our daily performance reports and on Fridays for the round up of our weekly performance stats.

Virtual assistants enjoy their break time periods in their quiet rooms or recreational areas (for some companies) so they can take a moment’s rest and while their time away from work or spend some quality time with friends and office mates.

An agent’s day usually ends with the managers informing subordinates (usually posted on the bulletin boards) about incoming activities and of course, team and company updates. In my case, I just take a short glance for anything worth checking on the bulletin board and wrap up my day with a mug of brewed coffee before shutting down my PC.


Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

A good bookkeeper can greatly help in the improvement of a business for it is through his recordings of financial transactions which include purchases, sales, receipts and payments that entrepreneurs can clearly identify and maximize their profits and expenditures.

An essential asset of business, bookkeepers should have the right traits in order for them to accurately deliver what entrepreneurs want and for their businesses to succeed.

If you are a business owner and considering hiring a bookkeeper, here are the best traits that you should look for in a candidate in order to land a great hire.

  1. Keen attention to detail. A good bookkeeper must have keen attention to even to the smallest of details. This is to accurately handle your accounts or avoid mistakes in your documents.
  2. Knowledgeable. A good bookkeeper knows his job inside and out. He should be able to explain to you the key concerns such as profit and loss very well in order for you to understand and take the necessary action where it is needed.
  3. An expert in your business field. Different businesses have different financial regulations. A good bookkeeper should possess the right expertise that is relevant and needed for your enterprise.
  4. Affordable but quality service. Admit it, you are looking for a bookkeeper that offers the best quality service at a price that fits your budget. Nowadays, you can simply hire a professional bookkeeper online at a surprisingly lower price than hiring one physically. These virtual bookkeepers are usually professionals and experienced in their field but offer their services at a lesser price to accommodate more clients.

Take note of these traits and you are sure to have the right bookkeeper that has more than the capability to add or subtract things up but also has good organizational skills to deliver accurate results every time you ask.