How to Successfully Manage Your Virtual Assistant

You maybe a business owner who needs help right now with your growing enterprise but simply lack the resources to hire additional staff and purchase costly equipment. Why not consider hiring a virtual assistant to do your processes instead of staffing physically?

Hiring one will eliminate all of these issues and will give you great savings in overhead costs.

Before picking up that phone and dial for a virtual assistant, you need to consider these tips to help you manage one effectively, for you will only interact with your VA using Skype, chat or email so building a lasting relationship and constant communication is a must to land the best hire.  

To manage your VA to your success, you need to:

  1.    Chat constantly

Constant communication via chat (instant messenger) is effective if your virtual assistant doesn’t speak English very well. This way you can easily answer questions or relay tasks to your VA without having to exit what you are doing just to take a phone call

    2.     Avoid Congesting your Email Inbox

Admit it, there’s nothing more annoying than an inbox full of messages from your VA that contains questions and queries. To avoid this problem, tell your VA to save his or her questions in one email and send it to you in bulk so you can answer all of them in one go.

    3.     Organize and keep your files in a Cloud

Supposing your VA quits before finishing up a project and takes all of the files that he was working on with him. This scenario will not be a problem for you as long as from the very start of a project, you make your VA save all files to a service like Google drive so you can easily access them in case you axed your VA or he bails out on you. 

   4.     Communicate daily

To develop a good relationship with your VA and to be always in the know when something comes up, it’s good to check up on him daily via simple 10 minute conversations using Skype or email.

   5.     Define your expectations with your VA

Treat your VA as you would treat a physical office employee. This means that you should provide him with a detailed job description and tell him what your expectations are from his work so that your VA will be guided accordingly to the success of your partnership.

Take note of these tips and be on the right track on the road to success with your virtual assistant and ultimately, your business in the long run. 

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