How to Successfully Manage Your Virtual Assistant

You maybe a business owner who needs help right now with your growing enterprise but simply lack the resources to hire additional staff and purchase costly equipment. Why not consider hiring a virtual assistant to do your processes instead of staffing physically?

Hiring one will eliminate all of these issues and will give you great savings in overhead costs.

Before picking up that phone and dial for a virtual assistant, you need to consider these tips to help you manage one effectively, for you will only interact with your VA using Skype, chat or email so building a lasting relationship and constant communication is a must to land the best hire.  

To manage your VA to your success, you need to:

  1.    Chat constantly

Constant communication via chat (instant messenger) is effective if your virtual assistant doesn’t speak English very well. This way you can easily answer questions or relay tasks to your VA without having to exit what you are doing just to take a phone call

    2.     Avoid Congesting your Email Inbox

Admit it, there’s nothing more annoying than an inbox full of messages from your VA that contains questions and queries. To avoid this problem, tell your VA to save his or her questions in one email and send it to you in bulk so you can answer all of them in one go.

    3.     Organize and keep your files in a Cloud

Supposing your VA quits before finishing up a project and takes all of the files that he was working on with him. This scenario will not be a problem for you as long as from the very start of a project, you make your VA save all files to a service like Google drive so you can easily access them in case you axed your VA or he bails out on you. 

   4.     Communicate daily

To develop a good relationship with your VA and to be always in the know when something comes up, it’s good to check up on him daily via simple 10 minute conversations using Skype or email.

   5.     Define your expectations with your VA

Treat your VA as you would treat a physical office employee. This means that you should provide him with a detailed job description and tell him what your expectations are from his work so that your VA will be guided accordingly to the success of your partnership.

Take note of these tips and be on the right track on the road to success with your virtual assistant and ultimately, your business in the long run. 


Having a Blogger as a Virtual Assistant

One of the most vital components in business is creating an effective business marketing strategy to better reach customers.

These days’ blogs and websites have become the venues of effective business marketing because they are easily accessible via browsers or search engines. Also, a large majority of people from all walks of life all over the world now has access to the internet.

Whether you own a small or a big enterprise, having a blog means a great advantage because it can easily draw the attention of readers and prospective customers to your products or services.

The reason for this is because customers now rarely buy a product or avail of a service at first glance. They make a research first online and read information about it before making a purchase. If you have a blog then this will mean your readers have a chance to get to know what you are offering and if your blog contains the right information then this will likely convert your readers and turn them into customers.

Let a Blogger do the dirty work for you

If you are a business owner who doesn’t know how to make a blog or just don’t have the time and resources to make one, make articles and post them why not hire a blogger to do all of these for you instead?

In hiring a Blogger you are assured that your blog is safe in the hands of a professional who is skilled in blog writing and more importantly who can create rich, compelling content that will draw more readers and customers to your blog. Even from a remote location, he can research, create articles and update the contents of your blog.

You will be freed from the burden of maintaining your blog to focus on other things that will bring in more profit for your business. Plus, this kind of service comes only at a fraction of the cost than having to recruit for this kind of service and have it done in-house!

A professional blogger can bring in great benefits for you and your business. Simply browse online and avail the service of this virtual assistant today.

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Virtual Assistant: The Busy Realtor’s New Best Friend

Virtual Assistant: The Busy Realtor’s New Best Friend.

Realtors are one of the groups of professionals that are starting to really take advantage of the virtual assistant market. As a Realtor you have a lot of things to do all day long, every day. You are obviously already good at time management, but imagine if you could just take a couple of tasks off your plate, all the time that you would free up to work on other things, or maybe even relax a little bit. There are monotonous tasks that you have to get done to keep your business running smoothly, like database maintenance, telemarketing, mailing thank you cards, gathering information via internet research and much more. These things all sound easy, but when think about how much time you actually spend doing these things it adds up.

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 Let your VA take over things like social media, blogging, and posting listings on various sites. Those are simple tasks that can take up a lot of your valuable time. When you look for your VA find a company or person who has people who specialize in real estate VA work. Then you can use them to be your listing coordinator, open house coordinator, or direct marketer. Imagine if you never had to make an uncomfortable cold call again. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you do speaking events, conferences or other hosted events your VA can help you with speech writing and even planning the event. There are just so many things that you could get help with without having to have an office.

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 How do you find your virtual assistant?  Ask around your community of realtor contacts. There is a boom right now of Realtors using virtual assistants, so ask someone you know if they have used one, if they haven’t chances are they know someone who has. Don’t jump right in either. Once you find a VA you think you would like to use, give them a small task. See how well you like the results, how fast the turn around time is, and whether you had good communication. If it works out then you can use that person to do other things for you. If it doesn’t work out, you just find another one and try again. That is the beauty of a VA if you don’t like the result you don’t have to fire anyone you just don’t use them again. Check out your VA’s website, read their blog, and check out their social media accounts, it will be helpful in finding a legitimate VA with a record of good work.

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Top Reasons Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

If you are curious what’s it like having a virtual assistant working for you then here is a very simple overview how availing the services of one will greatly benefit you and your business.

If you are an employer then it is expected that sooner or later you are bound to get headaches and sleepless nights from managing your in-house workforce, looking after their wages, conduct trainings and purchasing costly equipment that they will be using.

Having a virtual assistant by your side will eliminate all these and will give you freedom to focus on the more important things for your enterprise and ultimately yourself!

To make you understand why it is always an advantage to have a virtual assistant in place of your physical staff, here are the top 8 reasons why you should pick up that phone and look for one today:

  1.       You only pay for the time that you need.
  2.       Have your VA available on call 24/7.
  3.      You won’t pay for additional office space, equipment and supplies for an assistant.
  4.      You won’t pay for taxes and employee benefits.
  5.      Have your business process made even while you are out for lunch or fast asleep.
  6.      You won’t pay for employee vacations and holidays.
  7.      You can outsource all your unwanted business processes to a one stop shop company that provides full service coverage.
  8.      You won’t pay for additional trainings and seminars.

Truly, availing the services of a virtual assistant will not only let you save more on costs but will also let you live a life worry-free of business woes. Browse online and select the best one that suits your preference.

Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

A good bookkeeper can greatly help in the improvement of a business for it is through his recordings of financial transactions which include purchases, sales, receipts and payments that entrepreneurs can clearly identify and maximize their profits and expenditures.

An essential asset of business, bookkeepers should have the right traits in order for them to accurately deliver what entrepreneurs want and for their businesses to succeed.

If you are a business owner and considering hiring a bookkeeper, here are the best traits that you should look for in a candidate in order to land a great hire.

  1. Keen attention to detail. A good bookkeeper must have keen attention to even to the smallest of details. This is to accurately handle your accounts or avoid mistakes in your documents.
  2. Knowledgeable. A good bookkeeper knows his job inside and out. He should be able to explain to you the key concerns such as profit and loss very well in order for you to understand and take the necessary action where it is needed.
  3. An expert in your business field. Different businesses have different financial regulations. A good bookkeeper should possess the right expertise that is relevant and needed for your enterprise.
  4. Affordable but quality service. Admit it, you are looking for a bookkeeper that offers the best quality service at a price that fits your budget. Nowadays, you can simply hire a professional bookkeeper online at a surprisingly lower price than hiring one physically. These virtual bookkeepers are usually professionals and experienced in their field but offer their services at a lesser price to accommodate more clients.

Take note of these traits and you are sure to have the right bookkeeper that has more than the capability to add or subtract things up but also has good organizational skills to deliver accurate results every time you ask.