One Step Closer To Its Grave: Google Starts Removing Links To Reader From Its Top Menus



Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1 and to say that quite a few people are unhappy about this move would be an understatement. Today, Google Reader moved one step closer to its grave as Google is now quietly removing links to it from the black menu that graces the top of virtually every core Google product. Google Reader itself, of course, is still available for the time being.

For now, it seems the link is only gone from Gmail. It’s still available from other products (including Reader itself) and the main search page, but judging from the reaction on Twitterand other sites, it’s clear that this was the main gateway to Reader for many of its users. Chances are, it’s just a matter of time before any mention of Reader will be gone from all of Google’s menus. These changes, after all, always tend to take a while to propagate across Google’s properties.

Oddly enough, Google is still allowing new users to start using Reader, but that may just be because there is nobody left on the team to make any major changes to its code.

Google didn’t waste any time after it announced the closure of Reader. Right after Google’s CEO Larry Page made the announcement, Google already removed its official app from its Play Store and we’ll likely see more of this in the near future.



5 Guidelines for Outsourcing to an Individual Virtual Assistant

Most of enough time, Virtual Assistant is well value it. Sometimes, there will be bugs of miscommunication that you chalk up to training discovered. But every excellent once in a while, it all comes together; destiny gives you a big toothy smile and the outcomes are better than you ever expected…

Tips of Outsourcung Virtual Assistant

Here are some additional thoughts based on my experience over the past couple of months.

1. Reduce the start attempt.

Set up only one mailbox where your projects will be dropped- it could be a Google mail consideration, RSS feeds, TaDa history, CellTell and Jott for fast giving of projects, and a unique topic range when I deliver them via e-mail.

2. No such thing as too small

If you have a procedure that you think will only take you 15 moments, you might be prepared to just do it yourself. But when you do 5 of those projects it begins to add up. If you motivate your associate to use the most crucial of “batching”, and create sure you adhere to tip #1, even little projects can be well value passing off.

3. Set up persistent tasks

Many factors I do each day and weeks time are some type of “monitoring” procedure. Again, following batching, these actions are ideal for your associate to deal with. They can narrow out all the disturbance (or deficiency of activity) and just aware you to important up-dates. For example, I have our associate observe the Search engines positions for my online cards organizing program, and keep an eye on the weblogs and updates of its lovers and opponents.

4. Make them take further action

Clearly lay out the next actions and you will get a significant increase in performance.I cut the gossip even further by discussing my schedule, and by using an RSS nourish to observe procedure improvement, rather than using e-mail or IM for everything.

5. Dirt off that old todo list

Unless you have a full-time group of staff and a long reputation, do not try to offload your high-stress, high-priority, immediate projects. It’s a formula for further pressure. Rather, check out your to do history (perhaps the ones in your go if needs be) for those methods that you want to do but just cannot seem to discover here we are at. Dreamlines (see 4HWW) are an excellent resource for these types of projects. Want to scuba dive diving jump off the Excellent Hurdle Reef? There are probably a number of preliminary action and analysis products that your associate could manage well.


As you can see, most of these are targeted at a objective of reducing enough time you invest handling your associate and your projects. It’s easy to end up investing more period of time in the freelancing procedure than it would take for you to just finish the procedure yourself, which of course beats the primary objective. With the right methods and some exercise, however, freelancing will give you more a chance to pay attention to the factors that carry you the most earnings and/or pleasure.


Freelancing – Concentrate On What You Do Best, Seek the services of Professionals To Perform On The Rest

If one were to give an easy meaning of freelancing, what would it be? Outsourcing can be described as acquiring out your non-essential features to those who have skills in that area, making your hr free to pay attention to what they do best, namely, making money and growing your company. Outsourcing has been described by an online journal, ‘Entrepreneur’ as “The exercise of having certain job features done outside a organization instead of having an in-house division or worker manage them; features can be contracted to either a organization or an individual”.

Seek the services of Professionals To Perform On The Rest

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Obviously, the most talked-about benefit of freelancing is price advantages. Companies now know that by the easy act of freelancing their non-core, recurring and time-consuming tasks to exterior organizations (preferably those situated in Third World countries) at rates far less expensive than what it would price them in their home nation, they take a position to create tremendous advantages. And that’s not the only advantages they create. By liberating up their hr and having them more really channelized into actual primary features of the organization, freelancing has a real and concrete effect on the organization’s efficiency and development.
  • It provides you versatility. Start with small tasks, and based on the success obtained, progressively move on to bigger sections of your company that would generate better results with freelancing rather than prevent in-house workers working on them. If you have linked up with an overseas freelancing source instead of a freelance worker, then you have the versatility to range up or down your number of perform.
  • It helps you to decrease your costs. For example, if you want to flourish your share of client support professionals, freelancing your client support specifications to telemarketer firms in Indian is practical. This is because your in-house contact centre’s potential may surpass your current phone potential. By freelancing perform to a distant worker your organization also helps you to save costs suffered on a local, actually present worker (taxes, worker advantages, servicing costs, etc)

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What To Look for in a Virtual Assistant

How to Discover a Virtual Assistant:


hiring virtual assistant

Get to know other blog writers on the internet and begin to develop a group of individuals that you believe in.  Sometimes you will normally find a person to seek the services of.  My VA  has been a audience of my website almost since I began it.  We conversed in boards together, e-mailed, and have even now taken a journey to Denver together.

If you do not have here we are at this, put out the phrase that you are looking for someone and do an comprehensive procedure to discover someone that you believe in.  Create sure to talk with them on the cellphone before formally choosing.  There are some excellent blog writers that do VA perform regularly.  Link on Tweets with some and see what happens.

If you do not like either of these choices, try using someone regional that you know and believe in.

Essential Factors to Remember when Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  •     Your VA is not a super-hero.  Do not anticipate them to come in and be ideal.
  •     Do not anticipate your VA to be an expert.  There will usually be some coaching engaged.
  •     Do anticipate your VA to finish allocated perform, and to be available when you have predetermined.
  •     Do anticipate them to act expert and of course, adhere to their agreement.