How to Start a Part-Time Virtual Assistant Business


virtual assistant


by Leslie Truex, Demand Media

Step 1

Decide what services to offer and what industry you’ll provide them to. Some virtual assistants focus on specific skills such as website support or customer service. Others focus on providing a variety of services to professionals in specific industries, such as Realtors or speakers. Make a list of your virtual support skills such as typing speed, writing, research, technical knowledge and phone skills. Also list your skills in using specific software and equipment, like word processing and photo enhancement software, or in using digital audio devices for transcription. Finally, list the industries you have experience in or are knowledgeable about. Using these lists, identify the services you’d like to offer and/or the industries you’d like to work in.

Step 2

Set your prices. Your fees will vary and depend on the level of skill and/or industry knowledge needed, and the amount of…

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