What makes a great Virtual Assistant?

What makes a great Virtual Assistant?

Reblogged from Tim Reading – CEO PA Everyday

What to look for when selecting a great Virtual Assistant.

1. Attention to detail – let’s face it, we hire Virtual Assistants to keep us organised and to allow us to focus on the higher level issues facing our business. When focussing on high level issues, the tendency is to miss the details, simply because we don’t he the time. Great Virtual assistants keep their eyes on every little detail, compensating for a business owners lack of detail.

2. Time management – A great virtual secretary of virtual assistant will be on top of their game when it comes to time management. If we are honest about it, as business owners we often have our heads in the clouds and fail to pay attention to deadlines, often because they are set by us therefore not enforceable by a third party such as a “boss”. I use my own executive assistant to enforce my own deadlines for me by constantly remind me of due dates.

3. Communication – Communication is not as simple as the ability to speak and write in English at a high standard. Great communicators tell us what we need to know, when we need to know it. There is no point finding out at 9pm that the 6pm flight you wanted booked was sold out. Decision makers like you must be given real-time information and data that allows us to make decisions on the run.

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